Architecture is seeing development that allows for team work on the internet. People are no longer bound by geographic locations to work together. Architecture involves multiple disciplines such as structures, mechanical, electrical, and interior processes to name a few. One of the most difficult processes is to manage the documentation involved.
Countless drawings may have to be issued during the design process. The drawings for various disciplines may be issued in various stages of the design or construction. At each stage there may be changes that need to be coordinated in all the documents. This coordination may be a daunting task.
Due to advanced database management software’s available and the internet, all this coordination is possible between the architect, contractor, drafter, owners regardless of location.

Outsourcing is basically sending parts of a project out to a subcontractor for completion. This gives the Architect more control over the production process and also reduces overhead costs due to the fact that they do not have to maintain full time staff for seasonal/ temporary work.
CDA offers a diverse range of authentic CAD Drafting, CAD Conversion, 2D modeling and Building Information Modeling (BIM) services that meets your business requirements and helps you create your independent design.  Our all-inclusive CAD service makes sure that you have access to advanced and user-friendly technologies, economical methodologies and fastest turnarounds.

Our aim has always been to enable customers to meet important deadlines and resolve complex design geometry giving us a competitive advantage for building long term client relationships.