Cad Outsourcing Services


Would you like to gain the benefits of CAD onshore outsourcing services without compromising quality or turn-around time? Get your project done on time and on budget? Have a source for highly trained staff that flexibly scales with your needs? It’s all possible… with CDA CAD Services.

CDA Cad Services is prominent Australian CAD Outsourcing Company serving as an innovative partner without compromising the quality and spin time.

We are the foremost reliable, innovation driven outsourcer of CAD based architectural, engineering outsourcing support services. We and have developed as pioneers in conveying high satisfaction to empower customers from around the world. We comprehend the significance of nurturing client relationships, and this reflects through our immovable morals and a constantly finishing quest for brilliance.
Partnering with CDA CAD Services, you can leverage the talents of well-educated and experienced CAD designers without the headaches of hiring staff. Very simply, CDA CAD Services makes CAD outsourcing easy.
Our extensive scope of virtual development and computational scrutiny results are expected to offer you to help with managing and executing projects proficiently finishing them on time. With this we make projects conversions into higher profits for ventures.
We combine the capabilities of advanced software tools and cutting edge technologies with wide-ranging experience of our specialists to help you optimize designs and improve processes; consequently initiate higher productivity, enhanced performance, lean manufacturing and ease of operations to steer your projects towards profitable outcomes.
We consolidate the abilities of cutting edge software tools and latest technologies with wide range of experienced experts to help you with optimizing designs and enhance process; in this way, as a cad outsourcing company, we present higher profitability, better performance, lean manufacturing and simple operations to guide your projects towards profitable results.

We offer

Services we offer

  • 3D Modelling
  • 2D Drafting
  • CAD Drawings and Rendering
  • 3D Design Services

Our Rates

  • $20/hour for Short term Projects (2-6 Months)
  • $18/Hour for Long term Projects (1-2 Year)
  • $15/Hour for Full time position



  • Direct control on project using Skype and other VOIP services
  • Dedicated staff and Project manager
  • Local Support in Melbourne for Initial setup up-till 2 months
  • Additional QC from Overseas team
  • Working as per Australian time and Fluent English for better communication


  1. Solid-works
  2. Inventor
  3. Auto-CAD
  4. 3DS Max
  5. Revit
  6. Sketchup

You get quality staff without having to hire, fire, manage or train. Quick ramp-up and easy, real-time access to talent, without overhead, will keep you on time and on budget… every project, every time. CDA CAD Services offers hourly solutions to entire project staffing.
We provide 2D CAD Drawing& Drafting services for Mechanical Engineers, Process Engineers, Manufacturers, Fabricators, and Designers & Consultants all over the Globe.
We specialize in remodeling, resizing and scaling of existing CAD drawings and designs of parts & assemblies. Our company was founded with a purpose and commitment of offering the best engineering solutions using CAD / CAM /CAE. Our team engineering graduates has experience ranging from General Engineering Industry to High-tech industry segments like Automobiles.
Imagine lowering your operating costs and improving your bottom line. CDA CAD Services makes it possible.
We know the secret to scalable CAD production and are successfully serving Mechanical and engineering firms across the Australia. We’re so confident in our abilities to serve you seamlessly and cost-effectively, that we’re inviting you to try us for your project. See for yourself how CDA CAD Services will eliminate your concerns about outsourcing. “Our resources Your results”.


Local Outsourcing Overseas Outsourcing
CAD Services Rendering Engineering 3D Printing CAD Services Rendering Engineering Manufacturing Call Centre Virtual assistance
Rates :- From $40/hour + GST onwards Rates :- From $10/hour onwards
NDA Copyright agreement NDA Copyright agreement
Physical communication and On-site Support Off-site support SKYPE or team-viewer
Hire part time or Full time candidate Hire part time or Full time candidate
Fixed Term contract with 1 month Notice Variable Term contract with 10days Notice
No-Subcontracting No-Subcontracting all work at our office
AS per Aust timeframes and standards
Fluent English communication