2D Design, Drawings and 2D Drafting

With  CDA 2D modeling service, you no longer have to wait for prototypes, modifying, scaling, redrafting or resizing your current designs. Simply give us your rough sketches or any paper drawings and we will transform them into professionally editable, 2 dimensional and detailed architectural drawings which include elevations, electrical layouts, architectural and structural sheets, floor plans, and much more.

To meet our clients’ diverse needs in the civil, mechanical, electrical and structural fields, we offer a broad range of architectural drafting services described as below.

Although requirements for the amount of data to be presented on each plan may vary according to jurisdictions. As standard features we place the scale, property lines, bearings, driveways, floor elevations, north sign, contour lines, drainage and water supply, CDA and existing and proposed structures on the Site Plan.

In addition to the above, to get an idea of the proposed designs to existing conditions, a site analysis plan may be drawn, showing the relationship to adjacent properties, CDA and facilities.

A landscape drawing needs to clearly define the visual ideas of the designer. We serve as a strategic partner for companies that require Architectural renderings for various landscape amenities and drawings for Green roof design & Tree preservations.

A key element in all architectural drawings, floor plans need to be definitive and clear so as to represent the Architects designs and at the same time be easy to interpret for the clients and related personnel involved. A large variety of symbols, text, design elements, hatches, lines etc go into the drawings and the drafter has to be careful in ensuring that the plans are legible.

We have built a large library for the same and therefore can give you faster delivery of the drawings drafted in a shorter time frame.

Due to our dependency on electrical appliances, the electrical circuit design for any building becomes very important. These also need to comply with minimum codes.

Our experienced drafters can give basic electrical drawings using common codes and appliances after which the Architect may further refine if required.

Using the base floor plan the piping and other plumbing symbols are shown. Separate schedule for plumbing fixtures is also drafted. Isometric drawings of drainage and vent system can be drafted on request.

Drawings showing the size, location of all equipment and schedules related to HVAC system. These drawings range from simple drawings showing only the supply and return details to more complicated drawings showing equipment, duct runs, airflow values etc.

Drawings that explain the shape, material used and vents of the roof.

These drawings show the size and direction of the construction members that are required to frame the roof.

Commonly showing the concrete footings and walls and also members that form the floor system

Whether partial or full sections are very important in understanding the basic construction of the building and the materials used for construction. These drawings need to be detailed and labeled with great efficiency and accuracy.

Typically drawn to a larger scale to show areas where several components intersect or where small members are used.

An important tool to any Architect, presentation drawings may consist of most required drawings that help in explaining the design ideas and concepts. We use multiple graphic software, to create vivid presentations for projects.

Stairs being an important feature in most buildings require careful thought and presentation. Sections and plans dedicated to the staircase may become necessary in case of a more complicated design. Our qualified draftsman can draw most staircase details once specified. We will prepare accurate and quick drawings facilitating you to alter dimensions with minimum efforts, thereby, resulting in a flexible drawing process.

BIM, today, is the most prominent buzz word in the field of Architectural Computer Aided Design. It offers total digital representation of a building design process enabling engineers, designers, developers and contractors to share any construction data with great ease and efficiency.

Our BIM services have consistently benefited our clients while resulting in better visualization, enhanced efficiency owing to easy recovery of information, improved harmonization of construction drawings, quicker delivery and reduction in overall expenses.

Our 3D models are created with the help of supervising architects and graphic designers trained in various disciplines. This ensures that the final product that reaches our clients is of truly high quality and as realistic as possible. CDA has been the preferred choice of many customers worldwide. All our customers are assured of a single point contact and timely communications.